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Yatra 2: Political Articles Or Film Reviews?

Yatra 2: Political Articles Or Film Reviews?

Usually, every movie receives reviews, reflecting the writer's opinions and tastes, which is common practice. However, concerning the biopic "Yatra 2" about YS Jagan, it's noteworthy that certain TDP-aligned media outlets published political articles in the guise of reviews. 

Movie reviews typically cover the story, direction, technical aspects, and performances. However, these elements were disregarded by these biased media outlets. These media outlets continued to emphasize the absence of Sharmila's role, the Viveka murder case, and the Kodi Kaththi episode.

It's important to note that every leader has controversies and flaws, but not all of them are depicted in biopics. For instance, there were numerous gossips and controversies surrounding NTR, such as performing tantric pujas wearing a saree, marrying a heroine's daughter for a purpose, etc. But were they all depicted in "Kathanayakudu-Mahanayakudu"?

Additionally, details such as Lakshmi Parvati's marriage to NTR, her role, family dynamics, and NTR's life before marriage to her were also not included in the film.

Furthermore, were the secret meetings at the Dolphin Hotel and the hidden truths behind the Viceroy's conflicts depicted in the film? Why were the pens silent during the release of Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu are voicing concerns now with regard to Yatra-2?

Reviewers point out that certain promises made by Jagan Mohan Reddy in the film were not fulfilled in reality, despite it being mentioned in the film that he wouldn't step back once promised. This isn't a review; it's a political commentary. A fair review would assess the film's quality and may comment that it presents only one side of the story.

If reviewers solely write with preconceived notions and opinions about a particular party or leader, it raises questions about their biased nature.

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