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Writer Yandamoori's Acerbic Comments On Ram Charan

Writer Yandamoori's Acerbic Comments On Ram Charan

Yandamoori Veerendranath, most popular novelist in Telugu and also most successful movie writer in 80's, has long association with megastar Chiranjeevi.

Once they were thick friends. Many of Chiranjeevi's blockbusters in 80's were based on Yandamoori's novels but their friendship strained later. 

Yandamoori these days is giving lectures on personality development at various colleges and institutions. He has made some vitriolic comments on Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan. 

According to those present at a function to which Yandamoori attended as the chief guest, the writer praised the talent of music director Devi Sri Prasad but termed Charan as the one who is piggy riding on the popularity of his father. 

"In those days, Chiru's wife Surekha put all her efforts to make her son a good hero by training him in dances and all. Charan had improper jaw line and he wasn't looking good, so they corrected it with some surgery. Around the same time, an eight year old boy had shown his latent talent.

At one stage performance, Ilayaraja had performed Abbaneeyani Debba song and that young boy stood up and said it was Sivaranjani raagam. Ilayaraja appreciated that boy and the young boy is none other than current music sensation Devi Sri Prasad," he told an anecdote to the audiences present there.

He also went to add, "When I spoke about Ram Charan none of you here clapped for him but you did when I said the story of Devi Sri Prasad. Moral of the story is who you are matters, not whose son you are."

How Ram Charan would react to the comments made by his father's erstwhile friend remains to be seen.



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