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Will Varun Tej Be Able To Garner Rs 30 Cr?

Will Varun Tej Be Able To Garner Rs 30 Cr?

After two back-to-back flops, Srinu Vaitla is forced to work with a junior hero like Varun Tej. What more, he is now the working partner for the film, which means he doesn’t get paid remuneration, but will share the profits.

Before the flops, Vaitla guy used to command Rs 10 crore per film. If he wants the same amount, his film Mister has to get at least Rs 25 crore.

But, can Varun Tej make that kind of business? His Mukunda and Kanche were good films, but didn’t do all that well money wise.

Well! Everyone knows what became of Loafer. But, using Vaitla’s brand name, the producers are trying to sell the Andhra rights for Rs 10 crore and Ceded and Nizam rights for another 15 crore. Satellite rights, Hindi and overseas rights could fetch another Rs 5 crore. So, the total business is estimated at Rs 30 Cr.

Sources say that the total production cost might not exceed Rs 12 crore and both the heroines will take just Rs 75 lakh. So, Vaitla will end up with huge money if the scheme works out.

But, there’s a hitch. Can Varun Tej collect so much money? Does he have the stamina to garner Rs 30 crore?



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