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Will That Hero Respond on Sri Leaks!?

Will That Hero Respond on Sri Leaks!?

Sri Reddy, the budding actress, has been lashing out at Tollywood celebrities over two core issues - 'casting couch' and 'not giving opportunities to Telugu girls'.

While some of the points she raised have got support from media and intelligentsia, her baseless sleazy statements are putting off all.

This is why director Sekhar Kammula demanded apology from her and threatened to take legal action against her when she made some wild allegations.

Later she has not posted a single statement about Kammula. However, she came up with more damaging post about a star.

This time she has not revealed the name of the story except that she said the star acts quite 'natural'lly on screen and also off the screen.

As per her Facebook post, she alleged that she has been using many girls for sexual favours and treating up-coming directors as doormats. 

Since it is not clear who she is referring to, no Tollywood star responded to her allegations like Sekhar Kammula did.

She mentioned 'sekharudu' and 'kommulu' in her previous post, hence Kammula strongly reacted. She immediately backtracked.

However, this time she has not given many hints except for the word 'natural'.



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