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Will Ravi Teja Promote Eagle in Hindi?

Will Ravi Teja Promote Eagle in Hindi?

Ravi Teja previously held a prominent position in the realm of Hindi film dubbing. Hindi dubbing buyers and Telugu producers earned huge profits from his films.

But everything has now undergone a complete change.

The Hindi dubbing market experienced a significant decline, leading to a decrease in non-theatrical revenue generated by his films.

His efforts to capture the pan-Indian market with "Tiger Nageswara Rao" were unsuccessful.

In an attempt to secure a massive opening, he extensively publicized the film in Mumbai and various other locations. However, he did not succeed.

Now, "Eagle" has been dubbed into Hindi and given the title "Sahadev".

The film will be released simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu, albeit with two distinct titles - "Eagle" and "Sahadev".

Ravi Teja has commenced the promotional activities for the film in Telugu; however, he has yet to initiate any promotional efforts in Hindi.

We have to see what his plan will be this time.


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