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Will Our Telugu Heroes Learn From This Tamil Hero?

Will Our Telugu Heroes Learn From This Tamil Hero?

One hit and our heroes are changing their priorities. They are overtly image conscious and act barely in one movie per year. The sole film in a year could make or mar their careers and bring down their popularity graph.

But, the fact is if the hero with a reasonably good image is seen in more films, that helps the industry and those dependent on it. NTR, ANR, Krishna and Sobhan Babu did it and at that time, the film industry bloomed.

But, there is one hero, who is bucking the current trend. That is Tamil hero Arya. This year, he worked in six films. He was seen as the hero in three movies and in three others, he made guest appearances. Thus, he showed his friendship with other heroes.

This is in stark contrast to the lean, thin emaciated heroes who crave for mass image and sit on the stories for eternity saying they aren't finding suitable stories that suit their image. 

Arya on the other hand is able to successfully continue the lover boy image and at the same time do a variety of roles. If only there are heroes like Arya in our Telugu industry....



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