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Will Maruti Severe Ties With Small Films?

Will Maruti Severe Ties With Small Films?

Right now, he is making Kotha Janta with Allu Sirish and Radha with Venkatesh.

Director Maruti is hoping both the films will catapult him to the top league in Tollywood.

If we go back in time, it is a known fact that Maruti made his name with adult comedies.

Though he is not very popular with the audience, he is immensely popular among business circles.

Buyers who made money with Maruti films are vying to be associated with his films.

This has upped Maruti’s value and as a result many small film-makers are approaching him to lend his name for their films.

In the bargain, Maruti is said to be making good money.

On the other hand, the buyers are losing out by investing on each and every film that has Maruti’s name attached to it.

Meanwhile, the directors are distressed that Maruti is depriving them of their name by taking credit for their films.

Wonder if Maruti will stop associating with small films, once his directorial ventures Kotha Janta and Radha release.



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