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Will Majili Affected by Election Hungama?

Will Majili Affected by Election Hungama?

The good part of election schedule is that no single Telugu film's release date will not be disturbed by it.

For Telugu states, the election process will be completed by April 11 and till May 23rd; there would not be any poll activity in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Except "Majili", all movies like "Chitralahari", "Jersey", "Maharshi" and "Dear Comrade" are releasing after the elections in Telugu states.

However, there is a fear that Naga Chaitanya and Samanth's "Majili" might get affected due to high-pitch campaign.

"Majili" is releasing on April 5th. The campaigning of all parties will be at the peak stage during this period and also the attention of general public will be more on the election hungama than on the movies. So, trade fears that "Majili" may not get big numbers in the opening week.

Now both Chaitanya and Samantha will have to do double publicity and promotion at the release of their movie "Majili" to get the focus shifted on their movie.



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