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Will Long Beard Make One Che Guevara? Sri Reddy

Will Long Beard Make One Che Guevara? Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy has created quite a stir when she spoke about the casting couch issue in Tollywood. After starting off with Tollywood people, she then took names of Kollywood people recently.

We are well aware that she had been posting on various social media for a couple of months now.

Her latest post on Facebook is about Paritala Ravi. She says, "Paritala Ravi is no on-screen hero. Had he been alive, he would have painted his hair and beard.

Wake up you sheep, just by growing one's beard, one does not become a Che Guevara. It's rainy season, the colour will be a washout, so tell your fox that is in the garb of a tiger, not to venture out too far".

Naturally, the words of Sri Reddy haven't gone down well with Jana Sena fans.



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