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Will KTR's dream remain unfulfilled?

Will KTR's dream remain unfulfilled?

More than anybody else, it is learnt Telangana Rashtra Samithi working president and Siricilla MLA K T Rama Rao who is terribly disappointed with the exit polls’ outcome.

Reason is obvious. KTR will have to wait for another four and a half years to fulfil his ambition of becoming the chief minister of Telangana.

All these days, KTR has been pretty confident that his father would move to national politics to play a key role in the formation of the new government at the Centre by floating the federal front.

Even KCR had made the calculations that the NDA might not get more than 200 seats and the Congress-led coalition would not cross 170.

The remaining seats would go to regional parties. So, he wanted to create a federal front with the help of these regional parties and play the role of a kingmaker in New Delhi.

Many times, KCR asked the people to bless him with powers to go to the Centre to play a bigger role in the national politics.

The very purpose of anointing KTR as the working president of TRS and not taking him into the cabinet is only with a plan of making him his successor on the throne.

Even if a situation arises when the NDA falls short of majority, KCR thought he would move to New Delhi to become a powerful cabinet minister and bring big money to the state.

But the exit poll results dampened the spirits of KTR, as they indicated that BJP will return to power with a comfortable majority on its own. In such circumstances, it will not run after smaller parties like TRS for support.

So, KCR has no chances of moving to Delhi and KTR cannot become the chief minister in the near future, unless of course if KCR volunteers to step down for the sake of his son!



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