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Will Junior Learn From The Past?

Will Junior Learn From The Past?

Following the unfortunate demise of Nandamuri Harikrishna recently, it is widely being perceived that the Nandamuri and Nara families have once again become close to Junior NTR.

The speculation is that Balakrishna will also grace the audio launch of NTR’s upcoming film as the chief guest. But Junior NTR will be well-advised to learn from the past.

As long as Nara Lokesh is there, there is absolutely no scope for any political future for him. Then why are Chandrababu and Balakrishna warming up to NTR?

Chandrababu will not even sneeze unless there is a solid reason behind it.

The yellow camp is seriously said to be contemplating using the services of NTR for the election campaign in 2019.

There is serious competition from YSRCP and Pawan Kalyan who helped them in 2014 has now turned into a bitter critic.

Balakrishna is like a token head of the Kamma community in Tollywood and will require at least 25 years of coaching to be able to acquire the political skills and lead a party.

If the TDP loses power in 2019, YS Jagan will come down with a vengeance on the yellow camp which has made his life a living hell since the death of YSR.

And if Chandrababu doesn’t come to power in 2019, it could well be the end of the road for the political future of Nara Lokesh. Therefore, Junior NTR can come in handy for them again.

There has been a change in the attitude of NTR as well. At one point of time, when things were going well, success got to his head and he even commented in a television interview that he didn’t know who mega star Chiranjeevi was, but after being discarded by the TDP, he is now on friendly terms with all big heroes as he can’t afford to be an outcast in Tollywood either.

Therefore, in the eventuality that TDP asks Junior to campaign for the Party again, will he oblige or will he learn from the past and keep away?

One thing is for sure though! There is no political future for NTR as long as Lokesh is there and the only way that NTR can make a mark in future is if the Nara family steps away from TDP which is highly unlikely or if he starts a party on his own.



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