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Will He Hit Hat-Trick?

Will He Hit Hat-Trick?

Some actors are smart and they make the right moves or rather pick the right films to get on to the hit track. Already, Nikhil has two hits in his kitty and his next film is already generating enough curiosity.

After getting two back to back hits with Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya, this young hero is now looking to hit a hat-trick with a third hit.

Come March 5 and Nikhil’s Surya Vs Surya will hit the screens and the promos are quite intriguing. The film’s concept has also attracted the attention of film lovers and the media is already decided that Nikhil has yet another hit coming.

Now, if Nikhil manages to have a hit this time, he will acquire a star image of sorts among medium-range heroes. He will also become a minimum guarantee hero.

In fact, he has proved that heroes in his bracket will do well if they take some time off to pick and choose the right scripts and has become a role model of sorts for them.

GA wishes him all the best and we hope that he is part of many more interesting films.



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