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Will Baahubali Set Records in China This Weekend?

Will Baahubali Set Records in China This Weekend?

A group of Chinese media journalists came down to Hyderabad to interview Prabhas, Anushka, Tamannah and director S S Rajamouli. When they came here last month, there was lot of hype and hoopla in the media. It was all about Mainland China’s release of “Baahubali”.

Although there is no hype now in Chinese media or international film websites on the eve of China release, “Baahubali” producers are hoping that it would open the floodgates for more Telugu movies. The film is releasing this weekend in China. 

“Baahubali” has set records in India and is officially now all-time second biggest Indian movie. But the movie failed in rest of world – Europe, Latin America, etc. So their last hope is China. China is the mammoth market if the film succeeds it would be a windfall of money for the producers.

Although “Baahubali” became such a massive hit, the producers didn’t enjoy much money as distributors got more moolah. The producers are going to pocket huge money with the second part. So, if the first part succeeds in China, they will get another Rs 50 cr additionally for the second part from this market.



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