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Why leaks on Muslim induction in AP cabinet?

Why leaks on Muslim induction in AP cabinet?

For the last couple of days, pro-Telugu Desam Party media and websites have been writing about the possibility of inducting a Muslim in the cabinet of Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh.

Obviously it was a leak from the TDP top brass to appease the Muslim leaders in the party and also Muslim minority voters in general.

Ever since the TDP came out of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance, Naidu has been trying to get closer to minorities, who were not happy with him for joining the BJP bandwagon.

Because of the pressure from the BJP, Naidu did not induct even a single Muslim in his cabinet till date.

But now, his party is trying to create an impression that Naidu would take a Muslim leader into his cabinet in place of two BJP ministers who were forced to quit following break-up of alliance with the TDP.

Though there was no clarity as to whom Naidu would give the ministerial berth, the pro-TDP media has come out with different names such as Jaleel Khan, Chand Basha and NMD Farooq.

However, this is just a fake talk as the TDP does not have its own Muslim MLA. Both Jaleel Khan and Chand Basha are from YSRC and Naidu cannot accommodate either of them, as he has already been under criticism for taking four YSRC MLAs.

Farooq is an MLC, but he has been made deputy chairman of AP Legislative Council. There is another MLC Shareef from West Godavari, but there is already enough representation to West Godavari in the cabinet.

Sources say the leak from the TDP is only to appease minorities as Naidu as well as Muslim legislators know pretty well that there is no scope for any cabinet expansion for now.

After all, elections are just a few months away and there is a possibility that the elections can even be advanced.

Under these circumstances, Naidu will not open a Pandora’s Box by going in for cabinet expansion, as it will trigger a lot of unrest among the cabinet aspirants.

And what would anybody do in next six months by becoming a minister?



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