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Why Is Sakshi Ram Reddy Doing Such Small Roles?

Why Is Sakshi Ram Reddy Doing Such Small Roles?

Sakshi's Ram Reddy again sparkled on silver screen. This ad man-turned-film man-turned paper man, appears in an insignificant role in Bengal Tiger.

The role is blink and miss. Ram plays a comedy rowdy, who is into cricket betting. He orders his men to attack the hero.

Bengal Tiger director Sampath Nandi is a disciple of Ram. He was assistant director when Ram made films. So he cast Ram in his film. But, the question is why such an insignificant role? Ram did a similar cameo in Jyothilakshmi.

There are many fans for his voice and heart-touching scripts. He is also the editor of the prestigious Family section of Sakshi daily. They are all asking why Ram is acting in such small roles? Why work for such blink and miss cameos. 

Hope he understands his brand value and do meaningful roles like he did in Neelakantha's Missamma?



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