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Why Is Dil Raju Taking Such Huge Risk?

Why Is Dil Raju Taking Such Huge Risk?

The official announcement of “Bharateeyudu 2” with the combination of director Shankar and Kamal Haasan has stunned everyone. But what has surprised more is Dil Raju producing the film.

While Dil Raju had produced many big films in Telugu, this will be his biggest production with an estimated budget of Rs 150 to 200 crore.

But why is he taking such a huge risk? Shankar is a big brand name, but Kamal Haasan’s movies haven't been working well of late.

According to inside sources, Dil Raju has been looking for a big film like “Baahubali” to produce. He apparently made a huge offer to Rajamouli but Jakkanna didn’t promise anything. Then he approached Shankar to produce his next movie and that's how “Bharateeyudu” happened.

Dil Raju wants to have one mega movie that gives him fame all over India. This is the sole reason for his taking on such a gamble. He is not worried about returns but is seeking popularity at the national level.

Talk is that he has his eyes firmly set on Bollywood and a film with pan-India appeal will make the entry easier for him.



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