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Why Is BJP Avoiding No-Confidence Motion?

Why Is BJP Avoiding No-Confidence Motion?

For the fourth consecutive day on Wednesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre successfully managed to avoid the moving of no-confidence motion by the opposition parties in Lok Sabha.

As usual, members of the All India Anna DMK (AIADMK) and Telangana Rashtra Samithi stormed the podium and stalled the proceedings.

Though Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said she had received the notices for no-confidence motion, she could not take it up as there was no order in the House and hence, she was disallowing them.

Apparently, the BJP leadership had felt that though it had enough numbers in the House to defeat the no-confidence motion, it might expose chinks within the party as there were reports that some BJP MPs might vote against the Modi government. This would be an embarrassment to the government.

His detractors, however, say the Narendra Modi government’s attempt to avoid no-confidence motion in the Parliament was like a political suicide.

“The message has already gone into the people that Modi is afraid of facing the no—confidence motion and hence, he is provoking his friendly parties to create nuisance,” a TDP leader said.

He pointed out that AIADMK was an ally of BJP and yet, it was creating ruckus in the House.

He also remarked that it is not proper on part of the speaker to adjourn the House citing protest by some parties.

The TDP leader said it was the responsibility of the government to ensure that the House conduct its proceedings in a smooth manner.



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