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Why Hanu-Man Turned Out To Be Blockbuster?

Why Hanu-Man Turned Out To Be Blockbuster?

It has been officially declared that "Hanu-Man" is a blockbuster hit. Despite being a small-budget film with an estimated cost of around Rs 25 Cr, it has grossed over 100 Cr in its first five days of release, even with a limited number of theaters.

The success of "Hanu-Man" can be attributed more to the lack of competition from weak films released alongside it rather than its inherent strengths.

Although the film has its flaws, clichéd elements, and a predictable storyline, it resonated well with audiences due to its association with Lord Hanu-Man, family-oriented entertainment, and the commendable effort of undertaking a significant project with a lesser-known actor and director, competing with major releases like "Guntur Kaaram" and two other hero films.

There were discussions on social media suggesting that "Guntur Kaaram" was attempting to overshadow "Hanu-Man" by limiting its screening opportunities. Such news contributed to the growing affinity of the young audience towards "Hanu-Man."

It is noteworthy that the initial competition was anticipated between "Hanu-Man" and "Guntur Kaaram." Expectations for "Saindhav" and "Naa Saami Ranga" were not very high, and while the former turned out to be a flop, the latter met expectations without garnering significant acclaim.

In the end, "Hanu-Man" has joined the Rs 100 Cr club and continues to perform exceptionally well, maintaining strong collections nationwide. Considering the initial investment, the return on investment is remarkably high.

The film is expected to continue its successful run throughout the week, and additional theaters are rumored to be allocated from the 18th of this month, potentially leading to even better collections.


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