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Why Did Megastar Opt For Remake For Re-entry?

Why Did Megastar Opt For Remake For Re-entry?

Finally, looks like the mega family has decided on Chiranjeevi's re-entry film. It is more or less now confirmed that his 150th film will be Telugu remake of the Tamil super hit film Kathi.

Well, the film had Vijay in the lead and it ran to full houses there. So, Chiranjeevi finally decided to do the film as his come-back film.

Now, while that ends the troubles of mega family, it is rather shameful for the Telugu industry as no writer or director could come up with a suitable script for the mega star. Also, Kathi is not a social film. It is just another commercial film.

Well, our writers and directors could not provide him with such a script and that has resulted in he looking to our neighbouring state for a story.

Of course, some feel that he could have waited for some more time for a good script. But he decided to be in safe zone by choosing a hit story, even if it from another language.



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