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Why Allu Arjun Laughing Unnecessarily?

Why Allu Arjun Laughing Unnecessarily?

People have forgotten "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham", but Allu Arjun continues to put himself in an awkward position by talking about it.

The other day, at an event of Darsakudu, he once again claimed that DJ was a super hit. He went to laugh unnecessarily through his speech and showed over enthusiasm.

It was pretty clear that he was under pressure to prove that he was cool.

He recently had a slip of tongue regarding training for "Naa Peru Surya" in the US. Initially, he said he will be going to the US to train for the part, then he said that a trainer would be coming over to train him.

Riding high on success, the debacle of "DJ Duvvada Jagannadham" has put Allu Arjun in an embarrassing situation, not because of its failure but for over action of the team.

Hits and failures are part and parcel of any star's career, a single flop doesn't bring him/ her down. But "DJ" has definitely put a dent in Allu Arjun's image seriously.

Both Allu Arjun and his director Harish Shankar made false claims that the movie collected Rs 100 Cr in just five days at the movie's "success event". But the film ended up being a flop. So, people have started trolling him online.

Clearly, his recent public appearances and the "overt" speeches tell us that he is trying a bit too hard to forget his wrong moves.



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