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Who Is India's Highest Paid Music Director?

Who Is India's Highest Paid Music Director?

When considering the title of India's most expensive music director to date, many might initially think of the iconic AR Rahman. However, times have changed.

In reality, several production companies are now willing to invest a substantial amount to secure the services of AR Rahman for their projects, should he be inclined to participate. Nevertheless, this Oscar-winning maestro is known for his selective nature.

Following in his footsteps, the music director who currently commands the highest remuneration may come as a surprise—none other than Anirudh Ravichander.

Reports suggest that he demands a staggering Rs 10 crore per film. His music has garnered a massive following among the youth, which explains the high demand for his services.

Anirudh, a 32-year-old music composer, is renowned not only for his film compositions but also for his electrifying stage performances.

He boasts an impressive list of blockbusters to his name, with his most recent successes being "Jailer" and "Vikram."


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