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Who Is Behind Gayatri Gupta?

Who Is Behind Gayatri Gupta?

Gayatri Gupta and Swetha Reddy who filed cases on “Bigg Boss” have now moved to New Delhi fighting for their cause.

They had staged dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and also approached the National Human Rights Commission to take action on “Bigg Boss” team. They are also meeting bigwig politicians.

Gayatri Gupta did minor roles in couple films and is not known to have got such access to such big politicians in New Delhi. How did she get access now suddenly? Who is directing her and Swetha Reddy?

Producer and ‘press-note’ activist Ketireddy Jagadeeeswar Reddy is supporting them. But what is his interest in defaming “Bigg Boss” and the Star Maa group? Some bigger forces might be behind him and the budding actresses.

Such doubts are being raised. Even the team Star Maa is suspecting similarly.

Some political forces who are against this group and Nagarjuna must be actively working, they suspect.

Gayatri Gupta has mainly been telling that she feels cheated as she didn’t get chance as contestant after initial promise.

The other girl Swetha Reddy made allegations of indecent talk with her. But the way they are after this reality show and going all places by spending thousands of rupees giving lends credence to the suspicion.

The reality show to be hosted by Nagarjuna will go to air on Sunday, July 21, 2019. 

Telangana High Court has put a stay on the cases filed by Gayatri Gupta and Swetha Reddy and ordered the police not to arrest any of the team members until a further hearing. 

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