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When Nagarjuna Apologized To The Media

When Nagarjuna Apologized To The Media

Veteran star Nagarjuna has been busy with the promotions of his upcoming film Devadas. Nag who usually is very punctual to press conferences and other events couldn’t come on time to the press meet of Devadas on Monday.

Nag was stuck in traffic for almost an hour on Monday morning. He could see the studio from his car but couldn’t move an inch due to congestion. He even thought of stepping out of the car and walk to the studio as the press is waiting.

Nagarjuna kept the press waiting for an hour and he immediately apologized for coming late. He narrated whole incident and felt very bad for not coming on time.

It is not new for media persons to wait for celebrities. Most of them lack punctuality and don’t even feel sorry for wasting the time of press.

But Nagarjuna has won hearts by apologizing although he had valid reason for coming late. Young generation actors should really learn from veterans like Nagarjuna. 



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