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When Jaya Prada was made to stand on one leg for half-an-hour

When Jaya Prada was made to stand on one leg for half-an-hour

In an interview with Doordarshan, Jaya Prada recounted the most daunting moment of her career, which occurred while filming Agni Poolu under the direction of K Bappaya.

The film demanded her to execute a complex snake-like dance sequence, initially leaving her overwhelmed and in tears.

The situation worsened when Jaya Prada, despite battling a high fever, arrived five minutes late to a dance rehearsal.

In response, the choreographer, angered by her tardiness, imposed a punishing regimen: standing on one leg for thirty minutes.

Despite her protests and tears, she endured the ordeal until the choreographer realized the severity of her illness.

Reflecting on the experience, Jaya Prada acknowledged the toll it exacted on her but stressed that it ultimately proved worthwhile.

Despite the challenges, Agni Poolu garnered acclaim, and her performance earned praise from both audiences and critics.

Jaya Prada's career in the film industry spans various languages, including South Indian films, Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi.

Despite encountering setbacks, she has displayed resilience and continues to be celebrated for her contributions to Indian cinema.


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