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When Chiru Felt Bad...

When Chiru Felt Bad...

For a long time now, there has been talk in the industry that mega son-in-law Kalyan will be making his debut in films.

In fact, when his picture was out, there was general anticipation that he would be another addition to the mega team.

And once Kalyan started getting trained in various skills for his onscreen debut, the doubts were more or less confirmed. But the mega compound has maintained great silence on the debut project till now.

Rajamouli has been meeting megastar Chiranjeevi frequently and he also happened to narrate a story that was narrated to his friend Sai Korrapati.

In fact, one fine morning, they even sent the director to Chiranjeevi who is said to have given his go-ahead.

Then the mega team started its hunt for a heroine. They opted for the same girl who the mega family had once rejected for looking too young opposite Ram Charan.

The girl happens to be Anupama Parameshwaran. That's when the process of approaching her began. They started enquiries about her availability, about story sittings, etc. This was when the news leaked out.

Apparently, the megastar was not comfortable with the story getting out as he had plans of announcing the entry of his son-in-law with a grand launch.

Grand function
Now, the mega team is planning to hold a grand function for the opening of the film. Sai Korrapati has plans to invite all industry biggies right from Raghavendra Rao to Rajamouli.

Megastar is yet to give the green signal for this event. Meanwhile, the team is also on the lookout for an alternative, just in case Anupama says no. In all, the launch has been delayed for a while now.



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