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When Chinna Babu Boarded An Auto

When Chinna Babu Boarded An Auto

In Hyderabad for the promotions of his latest release Chinna Babu, young hero Karthi got a taste of Hyderabad traffic first hand.

Karthi had gone to Madhapur for the promotions of his film at a theatre there and was coming back from there to attend the success meet of his film at Prasad Labs in the evening.

En route, he was stuck in a traffic jam. Everyone familiar with the Madhapur-Kukatpally traffic routes know what an agonizing time it can be for someone to make their way through those routes, especially in the evening.

With there being no signs of the traffic jam easing, Karthi and Chinna Babu producer Ravinder Reddy got into an auto and reached Prasad Labs for the event. That’s one of the admirable traits in Karthi. His professionalism!

The star hero had absolutely no hang-ups about boarding an auto-rickshaw to make it to the promotional event of his film on time. A down-to-earth person, indeed. This brings to mind an event which happened some time ago.

The daughter of a senior actor and producer, who prides himself on his discipline, was stuck in the traffic. The woman who thinks she is a celebrity (although people don’t recognize her as one) immediately put out a tweet to KTR complaining about the traffic problem.

She was merely using the opportunity to show off to the public, her proximity with the Telangana Minister. Talk about starry tantrums!

That’s why actors like Karthi are like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

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