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What's Wrong In Demanding More?

What's Wrong In Demanding More?

Rakul Preet Singh is now the first option for producers for all big budget films. Only if she is not able to adjust dates are the producers approaching other heroines.

She is extremely busy with one film after the other – Dhruva with Charan, Mahesh-Murugadoss film, next one with Boyapati Srinu and then another with Sai Dharam Teja. She is virtually being flooded with offers.

One would automatically get higher remuneration with such a huge demand. So, naturally, Rakul too has enhanced her remuneration by 50 per cent.

And media has lost no chance in running her down saying that she has become money-minded. This has upset Rakul.

She says what is wrong in asking for more remuneration when she has such a high demand. After all, there will be hike in salary in any industry or for any employee.

Rakul reminds the media that she had never demanded any fixed remuneration when she entered the film industry and she used to accept whatever money she was offered.

“Now, I have reached a stage where I deserve more money and hence, I am demanding higher remuneration as per the demand. Please don’t make it a big issue,” she pleaded the media.

In any case, when producers are ready to pay her fat remuneration, why is media bothered about it so much?



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