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What's With Trivikram and His Attitude Towards Women?

What's With Trivikram and His Attitude Towards Women?

Trivikram is one promising director in Tollywood. A man who has a way with words and a man who ensures a hit just on the strength of his story and directing style, irrespective of his hero.

Yet, there is one thing that one cannot help noticing in his style. In something that has become an oft-repeated style, Trivikram has come to be known for his style of depicting heroine's characters.

To put it shortly, whatever be the scale of his movie, the heroines are shown in a slightly derogatory manner.

While the heroes are shown as extremely intelligent, strong and courageous characters, he takes a totally different take in terms of heroine's characters. They are depicted as dumb, slow and gullible character, whose sole job is to chase the hero.

In fact, this is the case with all the films. In his debut film, he showed Shriya as a mud-head and the film has several comedy scenes at the cost of the heroine's character.

Similarly, Trisha in Athadu, Ileana in Jalsa, Anushka in Khaleja are to name a few from his repertoire. So is the case with Samantha who he repeated in Attarintiki Daaredi, S/O Satyamurthy and A...Aa. 

Running after the hero, gullible looks and innocent and childish acts to grab the attention of hero, is how Samantha was depicted in all three films.

Even in Agnyaathavaasi, the heroines are presented like all his past heroines. In fact, in the film, both the girls fall for the stories of the hero and later reach a level where they actually indulge in cat fights for him and even pull each other's hair in one scene.

However, in his latest movie, he has surprisingly given importance to his heroine. As is known, the title of his latest film happens to be Aravinda Sametha.

Given this new change, it remains to be seen how he handles the story and if he gives enough importance to the heroine's role at least this time around.

Of course, once the teaser releases, one can get a hang of how he has chosen to script the heroine's character this time.

While his heroes are praised sky-high and are shown to be extraordinary in his films, he has however, never dealt fairly with heroines characters till date.



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