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What's Troubling Dil Raju's 'Family Hero'?

What's Troubling Dil Raju's 'Family Hero'?

Ashish, hailing from the Dil Raju compound, is thriving to come up as the hero on screen.

His debut film initially showed some interest but his subsequent film which was on floors ended up being mostly completed but shelved, resulting in the wastage of crores of rupees. 

The third film, "Love Me," garnered a strong start, backed by notable technical talent like Keeravani and PC Sriram.

However, despite right padding, the release date has been pushed back also casting doubts on the movie's quality in Tollywood circles.

Reports suggest that reshoots and scene alterations are underway indicating uncertainty surrounding the final product. 

Despite the encouragement of family elders Sirish and Dil Raju, there seems to be a struggle in finding the right project for Ashish.

Dil Raju has reached out to industry producers to collaborate on a promising film featuring Ashish, with Sitara Naga Vamshi taking some responsibility in this endeavor.

The question is that will this new project prove to be the breakthrough for Ashish?

With Dil Raju's involvement, securing renowned directors shouldn't be an issue. But still things are not falling in place for Ashish.


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