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What Will Pawan Say To Him?

What Will Pawan Say To Him?

In all his public meetings, Jana Sena party president and Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been telling the people that he is no longer interested in doing films and wanted to concentrate on politics full time.

But in all fairness to Pawan Kalyan, nowhere did he categorically state that he was quitting films; he only said he was no longer interested.

After Agynaathavaasi, many fans and well-wishers want Pawan to continue with films and even director VV Vinayak recently expressed the opinion that Pawan should not quit the world of films.

Against this backdrop is the fact that Pawan has taken advances to the tune of nearly Rs 20 crore from three to four producers of which Mythri Movies alone paid him some Rs 9 crore in 2008.

If Pawan doesn’t do any film, he has to return those amounts along with interest. But if he does even one movie, then he will be getting an excess of a minimum of Rs 10 crore.

Mythri Movies has the script ready and only need a month and half of Pawan’s dates to complete the film.

Pawan’s advisors have reportedly urged him therefore to consider doing a film for Mythri Movies.

One of the producers of Mythri Movies, Naveen, is coming from the US and has asked for Pawan’s appointment.

At the meeting, Pawan will convey his decision on whether to do the film or return the amount he took from them. Insiders say that chances of Pawan doing the film are high.



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