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What is Wrong in Naga Babu's Statement?

What is Wrong in Naga Babu's Statement?

Actor Naga Babu’s recent statement about Nandamuri Balakrishna has now become hot topic of discussion on social media.

A section of people has already started trolling Naga Babu for his statements and have also declared him as an arrogant person.

In a recent interview, Naga Babu said that he does not aware of any Balayya. He was responding to the question about Balakrishna’s comments on PRP and other issues.

He simply said he has never heard of any Balayya other than the senior actor who had acted in films like “Neram Siksha”.

In normal situation, his statement would definitely have taken as arrogant answer but there is a background to it.

Sometime back, Balakrishna also made low statements about Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi.

He said he doesn’t know about the existence of Pawan Kalyan even though the latter even campaigned for his party in Andhra Pradesh in last general elections.

In this context, Naga Babu is right responding in similar way. Politically, there would always be retort. It is silly to expect not to comment against Balakrishna from Mega family when the former made such statements first. 



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