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What Is Anasuya's Plan?

What Is Anasuya's Plan?

Some time back, Anasuya was being talked about as she refused to do an item number in Pawan Kalyan's film. Well, that is history now.

Right now, her career in Telugu films is directionless. There is no clarity as to what she wants. Will she do item songs, will she do small, but meaningful characters or will she stick to roles that come by?

At the time of making Kshanam, Anasuya was fixated on doing good and meaningful characters. She had turned down many films where she was offered small parts.

As time went by and gap between her films increased, she compromised and did an item number in Winner.

However, Winner was an utter flop and her item number too got lost. People who were keen on casting her in item numbers too moved on to other artistes.

And then Rangasthalam happened to her. Though it was a small role, it was said that it would be a crucial part in the film. However, according to latest reports, it is being said that Anasuya will be playing just another role in the film.

So, for now, Anasuya has decided to play bit roles in films irrespective of their prominence. She has half a dozen Kannada films on hand and successful television shows. There will be no dent in her earnings for sure.



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