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Well, That's One Disaster Avoided

Well, That's One Disaster Avoided

It could that the Telugu buyers are lucky or the Tamil producers are lucky. The year 2015 has been unlucky for Tamil dubbing films.

None of the film fared well at the box office and those who tried to release films ended up with losses. So now when 10 Endradukulla was not dubbed into Telugu, many are heaving a sigh of relief.

Talk is that the film has been a huge disaster in Tamil and the buyers there are completely washed out.

Normally, Vikram's Tamil films are all dubbed into Telugu. Right from the time of Sivaputrudu, all his films are dubbed into Telugu. In the beginning of this year, I got released and the Telugu audiences did not like the film one bit. 

Since the film had Vikram and Samantha in the lead, there were high expectations. The teaser of the film too was intriguing, so the Tamil audiences had very high hopes and it ended up being a huge disaster.

Had the Telugu buyers released the film, they would have hyped it saying Vikram will be seen in an all new avtaar and that Samantha is a huge attraction. And the film would have been a big flop in Telugu too. If the Tamil audiences cannot take a film, then the Telugu audiences will definitely not take to a Tamil film.

So many buyers who were contemplating buying the film are now happy that they did not touch 10 Endradukulla.



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