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Watch: Reason Behind Renu's Interview...

Watch: Reason Behind Renu's Interview...

Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai spoke about their divorce finally. She decided to open up on her private YouTube channel and the reason behind her putting up the interview was to talk about why and how the divorce happened.

She said she was telling it all, since her new family was quite welcoming.

Renu added that they knew about her past and wanted her to speak about it, since it was no fault of her's.

What one could not help noticing was that she repeated the line twice during her talk.

Watching her video, it is quite clear that her opening up was due to a push from her to-be in-laws to finish the matter once and for all.

Though she did say that she did not want to talk about all  this during elections time, her speaking elaborately on it, was a little surprising.

Surely, Renu Desai's in-laws made sure that they remain behind the screen, while she talked about her most important episode of life. But one is left wondering why and for what they made her do it, after watching the entire talk.

By now, Renu Desai must be well-versed with the ways of social media. If she is gullible enough to think that anyone with a woman's picture is a woman and any person faking it as Pawan's fan and talking non-sense will surely be clear to Renu.

'He asked for divorce.'

'He had a baby with some other person while she was still a part of his life.'

And that her two kids have become quite close to her new husband to-be.

These were the key points that Renu Desai wanted to speak about. That it was no fault of her's, that it was Pawan who cheated and that both her children were happy for her.



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