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Watch: OPBK Is A War Between Love n Hatred

Watch: OPBK Is A War Between Love n Hatred

Wishing everyone on Diwali, the makers of Sundeep Kishan’s Ooru Peru Bhairavakona came up with a making video that shows the BTS visuals and also the views of the core team about the movie.

The starting visuals show the kind of splendor the movie will have. Cinematographer Raj Thota revealed that only moonlight and firelight were used to shoot the movie.

Director VI Anand informs the major part of the movie was filmed during the night, as the story is mainly set in the dark. “The story mainly takes place at night. It was indeed tough to shoot a movie in night hours,” says he.

In one word about the movie, VI Anand discloses, “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona is a war between love and hatred.”

Producer Razesh Danda affirms while the love story between Sundeep and Varsha Bollamma will be beautiful, Kavya Thapar played an entertaining role.


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