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Virupaksha is a new beginning of Sai Tej: Sukumar

Virupaksha is a new beginning of Sai Tej: Sukumar

Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej's upcoming film, Virupaksha, is generating very good vibes and is set to release Pan India wide on April 21st.

Samyuktha Menon is playing the female lead in the film. Virupaksha is a complete mystery thriller, as witnessed from the teaser already.

Yesterday, the makers held a grand pre-release event in Eluru, where creative director Sukumar attended as the chief guest.

Everyone on the team shared their experience working on the film. Sai Dharam Tej impressed everyone with his eloquent speech.

Sukumar said, "There's a lot to say about Virupaksha's film. Karthik came to me in a critical stage. He directed this film after recovering from a medical problem. Karthik's platelets were increased by steroids, and he wanted to make at least one film before he died. He made this film with his mother's blessing. I believe that this film will be a huge success, and that Karthik will become a valuable asset to the industry."

Sham's visuals are incredible, and if this film is a success, he will receive a lot of credit. Ajaneesh did an excellent job with the RR and sound design, and Nagendra's sets were stunning. They didn't look like sets because they were so real.

"Samyukta was fluent in Telugu. I was terrified before I cast Samyukta in this role. She did, however, perform brilliantly. We attended the wedding of Dil Raju's daughter. I met Sai Dharam Tej at that time. He has a lot of jokes that will make everyone laugh. I saw him again on the set of Virupaksha. After recovering from the accident, he joined the sets and learned every single letter on the first day. It's like a new beginning for him as an actor. Sai's first film following the accident. I want it to be a big success," he said.

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