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Vaitla Thinking Of Taking Head On Kona!

Vaitla Thinking Of Taking Head On Kona!

The war between director Sreenu Vaitla and writer Kona Venkat has further intensified after Kona recently made fresh allegations against Vaitla for the debacle of Ram Charan starrer Bruce Lee.

Kona reiterated that it was entirely fault of Vaitla for the movie's failure as he has not taken the original script he wrote.

Sreenu Vaitla who is going through bad phase with two consecutive flops has got solidarity from Director's Association and through this association Vaitla is planning to take action on Kona for damaging his image.

Once they were thickest friends but Vaitla and Kona drifted apart when the former denied the latter the credits for the writing of Baadshah movie.

At the time of Baadshah release, Vaitla was at the peak of his career, hence nobody took Kona's allegations seriously. Fortunes have changed after Agadu's failure as Vaitla's career started going downwards, the graph of Kona Venkat started soaring high.

Sreenu Vaitla started telling everyone that Kona Venkat has not much talent in writing except that he is good 'facilitator'.

Today both of them having flops and on par, yet Kona still made fresh allegations when he gave interviews to the media on part of promotions of Sankarabharanam that is releasing this Friday. 

Will the director association really take an action on Kona? And what is Vaitla's game plan to take head on his former friend?



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