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UV Creations Going All-Out For Prabhas

UV Creations Going All-Out For Prabhas

Popular film production house UV Creations is planning to hire a technician from Hollywood for its forthcoming film being made in the combination of Prabhas and Sujith. Apparently, this technician is considered to be white elephant for any film venture because he charges a bomb. 

Even Tamil director Shankar, who is known for his high-budget films, had thrown up his hands when he was asked to engage this Hollywood technician for his film Robot-II.

Sources said the UV Creations is engaging this Hollywood technician to direct a massive chasing scene in Prabhas’ film. This scene, expected to be shot in Dubai, is going to cost Rs 40 crore for the producers.

Why so much expenditure for just one scene? The answer is simple: most of the money goes into the pocket of this technician, since he has to be paid in dollars.

It is learnt, this particular technician from Hollywood charges his remuneration per minute. Even for interacting with him on Skype, one has to pay him immediately, as he sends the bill within seconds for the time he spends in the conversation.

But the producers are getting prepared to bear this white elephant, since the film is on the lines of James Bond flick and the chase scene is going to be the USP of the film.

According to reports, the total budget for this film is going to be around Rs 120 crore to Rs 150 crore. Since it is a James Bond-type of film, the producers are not hesitating to spend huge amounts hoping that it would have a nation-wide market.



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