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USA Box Office: Disaster Vs Blockbuster

USA Box Office: Disaster Vs Blockbuster

Hanuman, produced by a lesser-known director featuring a relatively smaller lead actor under a modest banner, has outperformed the movie 'Guntur Kaaram' at the USA Box Office.

'Guntur Kaaram,' backed by a superstar acclaimed as the 'USA-Collection King,' was produced under a prominent banner with a renowned director.

As of now, 'Guntur Kaaram' has accumulated an overall collection of USD 2.2 Million, and its full run is expected to conclude shortly. In contrast, 'Hanuman' has surpassed this figure, reaching USD 2.4 Million and continues to run with sustained demand for days ahead.

"Hanuman' is creating a rampage at the USA Box Office, surprising trade analysts and breaking numerous records. In Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, tickets are selling out for shows on Day 3 in North America, marking the highest occupancies Telugu Cinema has witnessed in a long time. The film's performance in this market is incredible. 

As of 10 am PST on Day 3, 'Hanuman' recorded an astounding $500,057 from 356 locations, which is truly surprising.

On the contrary, 'GunturKaaram' is heading for a disaster in North America. With no significant improvement this weekend and very few walk-ins, the film's run will likely be almost over by Tuesday. It is currently trending towards a 40% loss in this region.

As of 10 am PST, 'Guntur Kaaram' on Day 3 collected $85,032 from 279 locations, proving to be a massive disaster.

The other two films also ended up as failures, with 'Saindhav' on Day 2 making $19,930 from 136 locations and 'NaaSaamiRanga' on Day 1 making $14,797 from 63 locations as of 10 am PST.


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