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Update: Sai Dharam Tej Still In Coma

Update: Sai Dharam Tej Still In Coma

It is known that actor Sai Dharam Tej was met with a road accident on the day of Vinayaka Chavithi and has been undergoing treatment at the Apollo Hospitals.

Though there were some updates in the first few days, eventually the media focus has shifted to some other things. 

But today, blaming the media for covering the news about Sai Dharam Tej's accident, Pawan Kalyan revealed an update which is not known to the public.

Stating about the status of Sai Dharam Tej emotionally, Pawan Kalyan shared- "He was lying in Coma. Till date he hasn't open his eyes. He is lying on the hospital bed with closed eyes".

There has been an opinion that Tej is getting well soon and will be discharged shortly. But hearing Pawan Kalyan's words many of Sai Tej's fans are worried. 

In fact, this update is not any media gossip or hearsay, but came out from the mouth of Pawan Kalyan.


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