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Unanimous negativity around 'Pushpa' sound-related technicalities

Unanimous negativity around 'Pushpa' sound-related technicalities

As the pan-India movie 'Pushpa- The Rise' is out for screening in theaters from Friday, the movie has grabbed all the attention. With blockbuster bookings, theatres in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are fully occupied.

With a huge hype around, 'Pushpa' has been termed as Allu Arjun's 'One-man Show', as per the reports from theaters. Helmed by Sukumar, the movie 'Pushpa' started off with good reviews.

But, it is to be noted that the audience who have watched the movie at the theaters are not at all happy with the sound mixing part in the movie.

The makers who got only a short time for post-production formalities had wrapped up the sound-mixing for the movie almost until the very last moment before the release.

The quality of the BGM and the sounds are hugely impacted by this, and the audience is not quite happy with the output.

As the 'Pushpa' team had earlier mentioned, the sound mixing was done in the last few days. Music director Devi Sri Prasad, who even skipped the promotional events, had worked around the clock to make things happen in the given time.

Some of the viewers who have watched the movie on Friday suggest the team correct the issues related to sound so that the other audience gets to watch with a better appeal.

"Who has not watched 'Pushpa' yet, please watch it only after the sound mixing is redone. As of now, the bgm part is one of the biggest minuses for the movie", an online reviewer wrote.

"Devi Sri Prasad had only a few days for the music and hence this mediocre output. I wish he had done better", another comment reads.

A Twitter comment reads, "Music is the culprit. If one proper science would have been made with a perfect scene, it would have been different."

Despite the complaints related to bad sound effects, 'Pushpa' is being enjoyed by Allu Arjun's fans.

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