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Ugram Trailer: Allari Naresh 2.0 Loaded

Ugram Trailer: Allari Naresh 2.0 Loaded

Naandhi was a new beginning for Allari Naresh. The actor who used to do comedy roles changed his path and started doing content-oriented movies, after the success of the movie.

Director Vijay Kanakamedala who convinced the audience by showing Allari Naresh in a completely new character in Naandhi is presenting the actor in a never-seen-before fierce character in Ugram.

As the title suggests, the movie is going to show the violent nature of the protagonist. But that’s not all. The movie seems to deal with a serious issue, going by the trailer.

The trailer begins with a road accident to Allari Naresh and his family. Naresh plays the role of a sincere police officer who is on a mission to catch the mastermind behind the missing cases in the city.

He in his investigation finds out that there’s a huge network behind it. In the process of solving the case, he brings troubles to his own family.

While the first half is about how the police officer dealing the case, the second half shows the Ugraroopam of Naresh who is on a hunt to eliminate the criminals.

Seems like he has a health issue too which is a big hurdle for him to solve the case. We wouldn’t have imagined Naresh in such a character hadn’t we watched the trailer.

Kudos to director Vijay Kanakamedala for his vision. Allari Naresh 2.0 loaded as the actor played the role with two different shades effortlessly.

While he looked cool as the police officer, he shows the ferocious nature of the character in the last episodes. Mirnaa got a limited space in the trailer and she looked good.

Technical support is a must for films of these kinds and cinematographer Sid as well as music director Sricharan Pakala have done well to bring the best outcome.

Then, the production design of Shine Screens was abundant for the genre of the movie. Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi mounted the movie on a high budget.

Certainly, the makers have a potential winner on hand and Allari Naresh-Vijay Kanakamedala is proving to be a successful combination.


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