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Twitter abuzz with complaints of unhappy 'F3' viewers

Twitter abuzz with complaints of unhappy 'F3' viewers

The Telugu film 'F3' starring Venkatesh Dagguabti and Varun Tej, which was released in theatres on Friday, has left a mixed impression on audiences.

Reports emanating from the early screenings suggest that 'F3' falls short of the expectations set by 'F2', the first installment of the 'Fun & Frustration' franchise.

The film had a good first half, with Venkatesh's night blindness as his comedic streak and Varun Tej's stutter as his entertaining aspect, but it falls flat as the narrative relies solely on the lead actors and lacks a strong story.

The second half consists primarily of old-school slapstick comedy. What the audience perceives is that Anil Ravipudi has tried to imitate the approach of EVV Satyanarayana, the late Telugu director known for his parodies, but he seems to have failed to recognise that it is nearly impossible to replicate the old master's style.

"'F3' may impress a segment of the audience, but it offers nothing new to the general public," one Twitter user complained. "With the exception of Venky and Varun, this film isn't even close to 'F2'. Dissatisfied," commented another.

"You're daydreaming if you think #AnilRavipudi will make a sensible comedy," said yet another tweep. "#F3Movie demonstrates a shocking level of complacency. In a recycled plot, every character is an obnoxious, paper-thin caricature. At the very least, none of the jokes are up to the level of #F2Movie."


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