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Tweet Review: 'Touch Chesi Chudu', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Touch Chesi Chudu', first day, first show

Raviteja is back with another mass entertainer Touch Chesi Chudu after scoring decent success with Raja The Great.

The promos of the film promise an entertaining treat for the masses. Raviteja is as energetic as ever in the role of a tough cop.

Debut director Vikram Sirikonda packaged the film with all the ingredients that are needed for a masala entertainer.

Touch Chesi Chudu has Rashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor to take care of the glamour department. The film is high on comedy and action too. 

TCC needs to collect around Rs. 26 crore to be a hit at the box office. It should be a cakewalk for Raviteja with decent talk.

Greatandhra brings to you the Touch Chesi Chudu experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Ravi Teja's Touch Chesi Chudu. UA. 146 min

Movie begins with Murali Sharma's Sharma, a police officer in Hyderabad.

Cut to the introduction of hero Ravi Teja. And intro song "Rang Barse".

Story is happening in Pondicherry. Ravi Teja is Karthikeya, a businessman.

Pellichoopulu scene between Ravi Teja and Raashi Khanna (Pushpa).

Romantic comedy scenes are going on.

"Navvutunna muslm ni emantaru?"


These kind of jokes are going on.

Now it is time for "em mantar zantar vesav", a teasing song shot on Ravi Teja and Raashi.

Routine comedy is going on. No story so far.

First fight.
Social activist Satyadev is killed. Ravi Teja's sister watches this murder and she comes forward as witness
Movie is finally coming into the story.

Intermission: It is revealed that Ravi Teja is actually a police officer who is looking for a villain called Irrfan.

First Half Report: A very routine and cliched movie so far.

Nothing much has happened.

Most part of the first half was focused on Ravi Teja and Raashi Khanna's romantic track.

Second half begins with flashback

Ravi Teja is a police officer.

First fight in second half.

Now comes "Touch Chesi Chudu" song

Introduction of Divya (Seerat Kapoor).

Ravi Teja's family fixes wedding with Seerat.

A politician Lara's son Irrfan plans to contest the next polls and Chief Minister wants do rally in Irrfan's area.

Huge action episode is going on that showcases ACP Karthikeya's power.

Here comes another song "Chukkabottu" shot on Ravi Teja and Seerat.

A mass number.....tune and picturisation both are equally bad.

Rauf Lala's son Irrfan Lala loses in the polls.

Ajay is introduced as corrupt police officer who works for Lala.

Suhasini's daughter is killed by Irrfan.

Emotional scene is going on. Film has turned serious now.

Another fight sequence. Ravi Teja gets hurt in a fight with Irrfan while Irrfan goes in coma.

Due to a drama created by Murali Sharma, Ravi Teja gets suspended and he moves to Pondicherry with his family.End of flashback.

Now Ravi Teja is back in Hyderabad to kill Irrfan back in uniform. Movie is heading towards climax.

Movie ends.



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