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Tweet Review: 'Temper', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Temper', first day, first show

Friday is arriving and this time the excitement is higher because in the anvil is one film which has been testing the eagerness and patience of the audience.

NTR, Kajal starrer Temper is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year.

NTR plays a corrupt cop, Daya who uses every trick in the book to embarrass the police department and soon, he falls in love with a girl (Kajal), who is an animal lover. The rest of the story is about how he mends his way following a tragic incident. Madhuurima has played an important role, which brings a key twist in the story. Anup Rubens has scored the music and Nora Fatehi will appear in a special song.

Greatandhra brings to you the experience of watching the film live via tweet review.

Films begins with NTR uttering the dialogue 'Jeevitham evarni vadhaladhu... Andari Saradha teerchesthundi'

References about Sr NTR, Harikrishna and Balakrishna.

NTR enters as Sub Inspector Dhaya.

Dhaya is established as a corrupt cop who does everything for money.

Prakash Raj enters as Waltair Vasu

First song begins. Ittage Rechipodham.

Kajal appears as Shanvi, pet cross member. Dhaya sees her and it's a love at first sight.

Dhaya tries to impress Shanvi with dog philosophy.

Time for the 2nd song. Ninnu chusi padipoya.

Emotional dialogues between Dhaya and Murthy (Posani)

Puri Jagannadh's cameo appearance.

Main plot is yet to begin. So far only love episodes between Dhaya and Shanvi.

Shanvi requests Dhaya to save a girl and he stands against Waltair Vasu.

Story enters into interesting mode as Dhaya turns against Waltair Vasu.

Dhaya announces his Dhanda Yatra and it's intermission.

Second half begins. Twist in the tale. Dhaya tries to patch up with Vasu.

Choolenge Aasmaan songs. NTR flaunts his six pack.

Most colourful song in the film so far. Kajal looks stunning and NTR is stylish.

Dhaya comes to know about the story  behind the girl (Madhurima). He assures that the justice will be done.

NTR's mannerism seems to the only highlight in the film so far.

Dhaya starts to regret about the entire incident and he realises that he has done a mistake.

Dhaya becomes a sincere cop. Pure hero elevation scene.

Dhaya starts his actual Dhanda Yatra on Waltair Vasu and his men.

Dhaya starts to rectify his mistakes and reveals everything to Shanvi.

Much hyped Temper title song starts.

NTR is back with his electrifying dance moves. His best song after 'Nachore'.

Major set back for Dhaya in the court as the crucial CD goes missing.

Last song Devuda Devuda begins.

Dhaya is fully drunk and an interesting action episode is under progress.

Suspense builds up as everyone waits for Dhaya's proof.

Dhaya drops a major twist and it shocks everyone.

Story enters into the next level with Dhaya's out of the box twist. Climax fights begins.

Dhaya makes sure that all the culprits are punished and that's the end.



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