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Tweet Review: 'Ninnu Kori', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Ninnu Kori', first day, first show

Nani is hoping to continue his dream run at the box office with Ninnu Kori that is releasing today.

Directed by debutant Shiva Nirvana, the film features Nani, Aadhi Pinisetty and Nivetha Thomas as the leads. Ninnu Kori has been making buzz on the social media with its emotionally charged promos and soulful songs.

Trailer of the film clocked over 5 Million views on YouTube, which shows the amount of interest that people have in the movie.

Even the advance bookings indicate that the film is riding on high expectations.

With DJ’s run almost coming to an end, Ninnu Kori wouldn’t have tough competition.

Greatandhra brings to you the Ninnu Kori experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Ninnu Kori. U Certificate. 136 mins. Movie begins.

Story begins with Pallavi (Nivetha) and Arun (Aadhi) celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Story is set in San Francisco, USA.

Introduction of Nani as Uma.

Pallavi meets Uma (Nani) who is in bad shape. He tells her that he will now take care of her. Then begins flashback. Story moves to Vizag.

Pallavi wants to learn dance and she happens to see Uma (Nani) dancing and asks him to teach dance.

Pallavi wants to learn dance and she happens to see Uma (Nani)  dancing and asks him to teach her dance. Nani is actually a student.

Story is progressing slowly.

First song is going on. A relationship is developing between them.

On the advice of Pallavi, he moves into her penthouse as Tenant.

Subtle humor, slow romance.

Movie is heading towards a conflict.

Uma leaves for Delhi to do research under a professor disappointing Pallavi. She asks him to marry her immediately but he says he will do after he gets job.

"Adiga Adiga" song is happening.

Pallavi gets married to Arun while Uma is in Delhi.

Story cuts back to USA.

Professor Murthy calls Pallavi and tells her that Uma got addicted to alcohol and requests her to meet him once.

Pallavi tells Arun that Uma is spoiling his life. She comes up with an idea.....that of inviting Uma to stay at her home so that he can witness how happy she is with Arun.

Uma enters their lives. Intermission

At end of the first half, the story is set well with a perfect interval bang. A bit slow but is engaging too. Nani makes it interesting.

Post interval. Uma, Pallavi and Arun ....the drama is going on.

Uma keeps on telling Arun how Pallavi loved him, what they did......

Uma goes on with his tricks to irritate the couple and make Pallavi realize that she still loves him. Scenes between them are going on and movie turns a bit dull.

Now time for "Break Up" song.

In a sudden twist, Pallavi's father (Murali Sharma) lands in USA.

Movie is going on with some comedy. The timing of Prudhvi, Murali and Nani is terrific.

Suddenly Pallavi's father gets to know what's actually going on and why Nani is doing at Pallavi's house and Pallavi also gets to know one secret about her hubby.

Here comes "Hey Badulu Cheppave" song.

Emotional penultimate sequence is happening.

Movie ends in bittersweet way.

Review follows.



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