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Tweet Review: 'Mr Majnu', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Mr Majnu', first day, first show

"Mr. Majnu feels like my debut film. This should have been my first film," Akhil told during his media interaction.

Nagarjuna said Hello is a re launch for Akhil after his debut film Akhil bombed at the box office. Sadly, re launch also didn't yield desired results for Akhil that he had to cut down on budget in his third attempt.

While Akhil and Hello fell into Rs. 40 crore bracket, Mr. Majnu falls into under Rs. 25 crore bracket, which makes it a bit easier for the Akkineni Prince to score a success.

However, Mr. Majnu clearly lacks the pre release buzz and hype that his first two movies had. Although the film looks promising with good songs and decent looking promos, it hasn't raised curiosity among the film buffs.

Mr. Majnu needs to open to positive word of mouth to cash in on the weekend. It doesn't have much competition from straight films, but it may face stiff competition in Hyderabad with Manikarnika getting maximum number of shows in multiplexes.

Mr. Majnu is directed by Venky Atluri who scored a hit with his debut film Tholi Prema. The director yet again offers a youth-friendly film with lot of contemporary elements. 

Greatandhra brings to you the Mr Majnu experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Nidhi is introduced as Nikki. Movie is set in London.

Akhil's introduction. He is Vikky. College Student.

"Mr. Majnu" song is going on. Akhil's eight pack abs showcased.

Nidhi and Akhil meet on flight while they are returning to India for a marriage. Nidhi turns out to be sister to Akhil's would be bava.

Nidhi is asked to go to shopping with Akhil. " Geetha Govindham" scenes are repeated.

First fight scene involving Akhil and Ajay's gang.

Movie is going formulaic manner with dull scenes

"Chiru Chiru Navvula" song....a family cheerful song is going on.

Nidhi and Akhil agree for 2 months work out relationship.

He gets suffocated in 2 months relationship. Break up time & time for break. Intermission.

First Half Report: Too plain and dull. Lacks any high points.

Second half begins with a sad song.

Story is back to London.

Hyper Aadhi is introduced as Pulls Rao who runs Hyd Rockerz.

Now Akhil asks Nidhi to give two months time to win her again. But she is not interested. Director Venky Atluri is just repeating his Tholi Prema.

Movie ha turned too boring. Now time for "Kopam Kopam ga" song.

Now fight sequence.

No story... screenplay is filled with random scenes, songs & fights.

"Naalo Nuvvu" song is going on.

Movie is heading climax



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