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Tweet Review: 'Mahanubhavudu', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Mahanubhavudu', first day, first show

Team Mahanubhavudu took a big gamble by pitting it against two biggies. It could have been tougher for the film to grab attention if the two biggies lived up to expectations.

Last week’s release Jai Lava Kusa already crashed at the ticket window after a strong first weekend. It cannot be a serious threat to Mahanubhavudu during the festive period.

Spyder that released two days before Mahanubhavudu also opened to disappointing word of mouth.

It is golden opportunity for Mahanubhavudu to cash in on the festive period if it generates positive word of mouth from initial shows.

Positive talk from the first day first day shows will ensure a solid weekend too. 

Greatandhra brings to you the Mahanubhavudu experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Mahanubhavudu. UA. 146 mins.

Movie begins with Sharwanand telling that he has OCD that landed him in trouble. He is narrating in flashback.

Sharwanand is Anand.

Introduction of heroine (Mehreen). She is Meghana. She is also cleanliness freak. So. He falls for her at first sight. She also happens to be new employee in his office.

First song has come. The song is "Rendu Kallu". Shot beautifully in picturesque locations of Swiss.

Hero is trying to impress heroine.

Second song - "Mahanubhavudu Vera" is here. Montage song.

Now Sharwanand meets heroine's father (Nasser). If he accepts she says yes to hero's proposal.

Nasser witnesses Sharwanand's obsession for neatness and tells his daughter that he is not suitable for her. But she insists on him loving.

Now a fight sequence.

Nasser finally okays hero. They get permission for love from him. Here comes "Amigo" song.

Nasser gets heart stroke but Sharwanand cannot able to take him to hospital as blood is spilled on his shirt. Conflict in the story comes here. Interval bang.

Post interval, heroine asks hero not to see her face again.

After Nasser gets discharged from hospital, the story shifts to village. Nasser is under impression that Sharwanand saved him when he got stroke.

As the film is turning very slow, here comes a song as a relief. The song "Padina Padanattu" is going on.

Movie is now turning hilarious in village set up.

Movie is progressing in village.

Now time for song. The "Bhamalu Bhamalu" song goes on.

Hero and heroine are bonding again.

"Epudaina choodalante....." song is going on.

Movie heading towards climax.

A kusthi competition between Sharwanand and Nasser's nephew.

And movie comes back to where it started - hospital. Flashback ends.

Climax sequence.



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