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Tweet Review: 'Bhaagamathie', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Bhaagamathie', first day, first show

Bhaagamathie film has no other star attraction besides Anushka. Neither the director nor other co actors have that mass appeal.

UV Creations believed in Anushka’s star power and invested many crores in the film. Their confidence in Anushka paid off and Bhaagamathie rights were sold like hot cake.

The film is releasing numerous screens across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Bhaagamathie also is releasing today in Karnataka and other states of India in a grand way. It is releasing in huge number of screens in USA too.

Female oriented films take some time to grow at the box office. But Anushka is pulling audience like any big star that Bhaagamathie is set for a huge first weekend.

The film’s advance booking trends are superb all over. Anushka has shown that she can deliver a big blockbuster all by herself with Arundhati.

After Baahubali movies her popularity and craze are at another level now. So Bhaagamathie can take the box office by storm. Will this be the first big hit of the year?

Will it live up to the pre release hype and buzz? The public verdict and our review will be out in few hours. Stay tuned.

Greatandhra brings to you the Bhaagamathie experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Bhagamathie. 142 min. UA.

Story begins with the introduction of Jayaram, a Union Minister. Malayalam actor Jayaram has played the role of Eeshwara Prasad, a politician with good virtue.

A team is trying to put a blot on Eeshwara Prasad. Introduction of Anushka. She is locked in a prison. Her name is Chanchala. Chanchala is taken to Bhaagamathie bungalow, a deserted palace in a thick Forest.

Movie is progressing with typical horror movie elements which are not at all scary.

Now flashback: who really is Chanchala?

Anushka aka Chanchala is an IAS officer.

She starts liking Shakti (Unni Mukundan), a social activist. Now comes "Mandara Mandara" song.

Now story is back to Bhaagamathie building. CBI officer (Asha Sharat) is questioning Chanchala about Eeshwara Prasad.

Regular scary sequences are going on. Movie has turned routine.

Movie is heading towards interval.

Now comes the twist.

Now Bhaagamathie appears. "Idi Bhaagamathie Adda ...Lekkalu Telali". Interesting intermission.

First half report: Other than interval bang, set work, everything is preditable. We have to see how the second half works out.

Second half begins.

CBI officer and police bring a doctor to test Chanchala. Doctor asks her does she know who Bhaagamathie is.

Movie is turning interesting now as Anushka acting as Queen Bhaagamathie.

Anushka's performance is terrific here.

Movie is progressing interesting way.

Now back to the interrogation of Chanchala by CBI officer. And here comes another flashback.

The real twist in story is revealed. The real villain is also exposed.

Movie is heading towards climax.



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