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Tweet Review: 'Baahubali 2', first day, first show

Tweet Review: 'Baahubali 2', first day, first show

Only one question that is being asked by all in Telugu states - "tickets unnaya boss'. Rajamouli's epic drama 'Baahubali 2' is hitting the screens in a few hours but people, media and movie industry folks are discussing about this movie only. There is no other topic right now.

Theaters are witnessing kilometres of queues for tickets. Distributors and exhibitors have switched off their phones as pressure is mounting on them to provide tickets. Such mania and hysteria is being witnessed.

The film will take record openings all over the world. This is for sure. In Telugu states, there is huge demand for extra screenings and theatres.

Greatandhra brings to you the Baahubali 2 experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

The most awaited Baahubali 2 is here. UA. 170 mins.

Movie commencing. Updates​ follow now.

Movie has begun with "Oka Pranam" song as titles roll on.

Shivagami (Ramya Krishna) is leaving for another place with agni kundam on her head. She should not stop anywhere till she reaches her final point of journey but she gets an obstacle. And here comes Amarendra Baahubali to clear the hurdle.

"Saahore Baahubali" song has come. Movie is progressing swiftly.

"Saahore" song has visuals of first part too.

Kattappa, Bhallala Deva and Bijjala Deva are introduced in a terrific scene.

Baahubali is asked to go for Desatana before pattabhisekham happens.

Baahubali and Kattappa are now touring their Mahismati rajyam.

Here comes the introduction of Deva Sena ( Anushka), a warrior princess. Baahubali falls for her charm.

Supposedly comedy scenes are going.

Comedy scenes involving Subbaraju, Deva Sena 's Bava.

Subbaraju comedy scenes are boring.

Subbaraju aka Kumara Varma is declared as Pandi Veerudu.

Movie's​ pace has slowed down. Now comes "Muripala Mukunda" song.

Now comes a twist. Bhallala comes to know that Baahubali has fallen in love with Deva Sena. Then he tells his mother that he is loving Deva Sena.

Not knowing that Baahubali is in love with Deva Sena, Rajamata sends message to Deva Sena to accept the allaince of her son Bhallala.

Deva Sena rejects the offer. Feeling humiliated by Deva Sena, Sivagami sends message to Baahubali to attack on Kuntala Rajyam that belongs to Deva Sena.

The massive action scene involving Prabhas and Pindaris is shot so well. Anushka and Prabhas throwing arrows is highlight.

Also Prabhas running on Buffalo's​ is highlight.

"Hamsa Naava" song is here. A visual treat.

As Baahubali faults with Sivagami's decision, she gets enraged and declares Bhallala as King instead of Baahubali. And Baahubali accepts her decision.

Now Bhallala is made as emperor of Mahismati in the presence of Baahubali. And Baahubali is made chief of army.

Interval Bang.

Post interval begins with Bhallala vowing to kill Baahubali.

Deva Sena gets married to Baahubali, she is now pregnant.

Deva Sena questions Sivagami's methods that widens the gap between them.

Sivagami comes under impression that Baahubali is hatching plan to dethrone Bhallala. Then boycotts Baahubali entering into Mahismati.

High emotional sequences are happening. Racy narration with many highs.

Deva Sena and Baahubali are now settled with common people. Meanwhile, Bhallala and Bijjala tell Sivagami that Baahubali sent Kumara Swamy to kill Baahubali. Will she order for it?

Here comes the key answer to Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?

High emotional scenes are going on.

Story now comes back to Sivudu times.

Sivudu fully understands why his father Baahubali was killed, why his mother was imprisoned.

Now Sivudu is set to take revenge on  Bhallala. He is now Mahendra Baahubali.

Movie is heading towards final battle.

A spectacular battle episode is set.



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